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International College

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Pathways to the University of Sheffield

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Welcoming student


We will be open for you to join us for your studies and are looking forward to welcoming you to the International College. Start your pathway programme with us now and we’ll get you on the right course and on the path to a successful career.

Before you begin your pathway programme, you can join our exclusive preparation course, delivered virtually and at no extra cost. In order to create the safest possible learning environment, you’ll benefit from a mixture of face-to-face learning and additional online learning. Get ready to apply for your visa today and we’ll be here to issue your CAS.

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The International Foundation Year will prepare you for an undergraduate degree at the University of Sheffield. Choose from two subject routes and study modules tailored to your degree choice. 



The Pre-Masters programme is an intensive 1.5 or 2 semester programme. It includes specialist academic modules, skills development and English language classes that prepare you for your taught masters degree. 


Firth Court at the University of Sheffield

Study at one of the world’s top 100 universities.


Chukwuemeka from Nigeria

Find out how to apply to the International College.


University of Sheffield international students in the library on campus

Find out more about selected subjects, degree options at the University of Sheffield and popular career paths. Degrees range from architecture, civil engineering and chemical engineering to biomedical science, international relations and politics.


A student in a graduation cap

Use what you've learnt at Sheffield and start your career in the UK with the new Graduate Immigration Route – a 2-year post-study work visa which allows you to remain in the UK after graduating.


Students celebrate their graduation at the University of Sheffield. Hear from former International College students about their experience and future plans.


Sheffield students on graduation day


  • WeiYuan from Taiwan graduating in aerospace engineering

    Sep 05 2023

    WeiYuan from Taiwan came to study in the UK to follow his dream of becoming a pilot. He has now graduated from the University of Sheffield with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. Read about WeiYuan’s experiences at Sheffield in his own words.

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  • Tips for your September arrival at the University of Sheffield International College

    Aug 19 2023

    Read our tips to help you get ready to study in Sheffield, including what to bring on your first day, places to explore and useful websites to help you plan your time here.

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  • 鲸鱼加速器官网

    Jan 18 2023

    The University of Sheffield International College is offering scholarships to students in Taiwan, through a competition pitching technological advancements for developing countries.


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    Oct 24 2018
    Two students in the new Diamond building

    The University of Sheffield International College prepares over 1,000 students a year for the academic rigour of studying at a world top 100, Russell Group University.

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